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When I was younger, I believed one should feel grateful in order to give thanks. To do anything else seemed somehow dishonest or fake — a kind of “preposterously ridiculous” insincerity that one should reject. Considering the fact that we are in a universe that seemed to hurt for no reason and living in a world where children die of hunger every day, it just doesn’t make sense. When it comes to being grateful and thankful, it’s best to be emotionally authentic, right? Wrong. Building the best life does not require fealty to feelings in the name of authenticity, but rather rebelling against negative impulses and acting right even when we don’t feel like it. In a nutshell, acting grateful can actually make you grateful.

Being grateful is a choice. Some make the mistake of waiting to feel grateful rather than choosing to be grateful. Today, you are alive. You have the opportunity to enjoy your abundance, right your wrongs, cling to your hopes, rekindle your dreams or re-live your passions. You and me, we are alive and so be grateful we must and truly live.

The gift of life is the best gift we’re given every single day.

A humble Notice:

Dearest awesome WordPress friends:

Today, I made one radical move. You’re wrong if you’re thinking it was to change the world or stuff like that. I just changed my blog title and icon.

From this:

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To this:



Just a note: Just in case you’re confused – that’s not me in the picture. I’m much more good-looking than that one! Hahaha

The reason behind in changing blog title? Well, not really of the importance. All throughout my tremendously challenging  blogging experience I [sort of, just a bit] found my “groove” on writing. Needless to say, I started this blog from humble beginnings and until now I haven’t improved much, as you would notice, hahaha. Nonetheless, in celebration  to all those good people who did have the “kindness” of heart to believe in what I write, as well as to those who mistakenly clicked the “follow” button just because of the deceptively “good-natured” appeal of my previous blog (Simply Writing), I have decided to upgrade my blog so as to have sort of coherence to my upcoming posts.

As the title suggests, mostly of my future blogs will now be  dealing about thoughts (predominantly quotes) and my personal take on them. I love writing quotes as much as reading them. I’m always haunted by million dollar thoughts usually at 4 am [I know most of you too], if only I could convert them into cash! Haha. I have a list of all of them as I  always readily keep a notepad beside our bed to write down to when they bothered me. Of course, prayerfully, for future write ups.

To remain true to the purpose and “spirit” of my previous blog, I will still write about my personal views on subject matters which I deem important and worth wasting your [my readers] precious time. 😉

Thank you guys for persistently joining Simply Writing on its journey these past couple of months or so. May you still embark with me as Thought Avenue takes over the wheel for the coming days. May the Almighty bless us all!

I love you all! You’re all awesome!

Eternally grateful,



To:Whoever YOU are

Surfing the net, browsing on anything worth reading to  pass the time, I chance to read a very heartwarming letter from an unnamed person  written for an unknown friend about a one life-changing acquaintance. A number of write-ups were subsequently written refuting the  veracity of the letter. However, to me, true or not, or just a fictitious work  of  a hopeless romantic, this work is still amazing! Let alone the fact that the author has courageously expressed his deep insatiable longing and gratefulness to the one woman who saved and changed his life!

Sometimes, when it comes to LOVE, people become poets – hiding and sugarcoating their words into prose and measures so sweet to the heart, satisfying the hunger of emotions that no amount of plain and direct to the point words could satisfy.

True or not, this is a work written and perfected from the heart. You be the judge.

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