Be the Captain of your Soul.


How would you like to become the “captain of your ship, the master of your destiny”? If this question resonates even in the slightest with you, then perhaps it’s time to actually own the notion that you are a soul having a human experience, that it’s up to you to determine the quality of experience you have as you navigate this life.

You may not get to choose all that happens to you, but you can choose how you respond. What happens to you in life is not the issue; rather, how you respond is the real issue.

The power of this simple advice comes down to an inarguable basic truth: While many events will occur throughout your life, how you go through what happens to you is your choice and yours alone. Now, of course, many will choose to argue with the inarguable, but then that’s their choice as well. Over the years of sharing God’s words to other people by applying the approach of “teaching what I most need to learn” and having observed through working with people, I have come to learn of the obvious that, in life, what you resist, you remain stuck with. If you will, allow me to share the lessons I’ve learned.

I have learned that I can complain, blame or generally be upset with what happens around me or to me, and the more upset I get, the more resistant I become, the more things remain the same. Curiously, the more I have surrendered to the fact that I’m the one choosing my reactions to the apparently negative events in my life, the fewer negative events seem to occur. It could be that the same kind of situations keep showing up with the only real difference being one of learning to make lemonade out of the lemons.

If you wish to argue with the obvious truth that you’re the one choosing how you respond to what happens, then you get to stay stuck with the quality of experience you are having. If you like the experience you are having, then there’s no need to change a thing. However, if you find yourself complaining, blaming or getting upset with what’s happening around you, perhaps it’s time to consider that you do have a choice.

You are the Captain of Your Soul

William Ernest Henley wrote an intriguing poem first published in 1875 that offers some profound wisdom and insight into how you can choose to navigate life’s currents.  The poem sums up a courageous view of dealing with life’s challenges in its concluding stanza, again underscoring that we have choice in how we experience what happens to us:

Out of the night that covers me, 
      Black as the pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be 
      For my unconquerable soul. 
In the fell clutch of circumstance 
      I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance 
      My head is bloody, but unbowed. 
Beyond this place of wrath and tears 
      Looms but the Horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years 
      Finds and shall find me unafraid. 
It matters not how strait the gate, 
      How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate, 
      I am the captain of my soul.

There are many versions of these truths, and yet they all come down to the same basic elements: what is, is. How you choose to experience what is has nothing to do with the events and everything to do with your own choices about how to respond. Of course, it’s pretty hard to make good choices if you don’t have a goal in mind. You might find it useful to take a break from everything and explore the deeper aspects of who you truly are to move past your self and spend some time listening to your soul.

What would your soul have you experience? Listen closely and you will become captain of your ship, master of your destiny. Turn a deaf ear to that quiet inner voice of your soul, and you may wind up shipwrecked instead.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject. How have you taken the helm? How have you guided your own experience of life? Please share in the comment section below.

18 thoughts on “Be the Captain of your Soul.

  1. This is such a genuine and thoughful advise Andrei.
    How we respond to situations is the most important thing. There have been bad experiences with me, but when I didn’t respond to them like someone else would normally have, I found that I had control over it.
    Very well written. ♡


  2. Andrei, this is clear and powerful. In my life experience I have found what you shared here to be true. Even though I know this sometimes I still struggle with choosing the reality I am standing in. My practice of understanding circumstances as temporary and focusing on being who I am committed to being regardless of the world around me allows me to more present to the moment. I love people with all of their quirks, emotions and uniqueness because I am one of them. Thank you for sharing your insights so that others have the opportunity to challenge their own thinking.

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    1. Hi Ali! You’re right, the case seems to be that we all struggle to deal with every bit of challenges life throws at us with strict consistency. Nobody is excused to that truth. And we can not perfect life or our style of living. However we can do something with our way of thinking and perceiving our respective circumstances.
      Always a pleasure to hear your thoughts and views. Thank you ☺ 💜👍

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  3. Your phrase “teaching what I most need to learn” really resonated within me. I look up to some motivational speakers, yet I have come to realize that they are also struggling with different things. It’s given me this notion that most people are just trying their, every single day.

    It’s a day to day decision to get up, get out, and get moving.

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    1. You’re absolutely right Liz. We all are trying our very best to fit in this word, nobody is exempted on that unending struggle. We are all just passing through, our real home is somewhere else far more beautiful and magnificent than this world, a place or state where struggle and the unending effort to fit in has no room.
      Yet while we’re still here, let’s strive to find our ‘soul’ and take firm resolve on our perspective of a ‘good life’.
      I know how hard the circumstance that you’re going through right now and I don’t know what to say to ease your pain. I just want to say that I can relate to what you’re feeling. And may be just like you, I am also hoping that everything will be alright someday.
      Be steadfast and strong in taking that ‘day to day decisions’ in life.

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      1. I love that you started off with a reminder that this life is only temporary. We should always remember to think about things that last for eternity… And one assurance that we have is, even if there is so much suffering in this life, a wonderful life awaits us with our Maker.

        There are really no words enough to comfort someone grieving, but knowing that I have a friend who cares enough to say so… is a wonderful feeling. I know that you would relate to the feeling of loss, of all people. And I am also here as a friend if you need one. I appreciate your existence in this community, Andrei. Thank you.

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  4. As always, a very insightful post that gets me into a thinking mode already. Loved that poem by Ernest Henley and the manner in which your words steers the soul towards captaining the ship of life in the direction that you choose. The mind is the single and most powerful guide that can make or break you.
    There was a certain incident on a certain day when I made up my mind that I will own the day and that nothing, just nothing, will come in my way. To this day, I see every event of that day conspired into a manner that I wished and more, I got to meet the right people, strike the right conversation and my confidence was soaring, everything else – all the negativity and the people who otherwise pulled me down – just did not seem to matter. And the vigor I felt reflected through the rest of the day. It was amazing. These were much more than just coincidences.
    As you have rightly pointed out, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade with it and enjoy it.

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    1. Always lovely to hear your views Pranitha.
      It’s so inspiring to hear from your experience. We all do have that “defining moment” in life wherein we decide to choose which path, character or attitude to adopt. It serves as the base where we set our foundation and the standard where we anchor our hopes and dreams.
      I love your firm resolve. You’re simply amazing ☺👍

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  5. Love this and very true! I have a similar post, but from a slightly different angle, actually titled ‘Masters of our Fate’.

    I also think, however, that we need to honor that we don’t always respond the way we ‘should’, and that’s okay, too. It’s all a journey with so many lessons to learn, including that we are complicated beings with so many different issues and triggers and experiences. Here are a few of my thoughts on that, too.

    Thanks for your thoughtful post… a very valuable reminder.

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    1. Hey Brooke!
      Thanks for sharing your views ☺ I certainly agree with you in saying that we are complex beings with so many different issues, triggers and experiences. We therefore vary in our perceptions about life and its circumstances.
      I will definitely read your post about the subject and learn from your wisdom too.
      Glad for your visit ☺ See you around.

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    1. Yes, it does. Thank you Radhika ☺
      The poem always captivate me; although I admit I must have read it several times in the past already. It is just now that I’ve decided to write something about it.
      It is passionately motivating and empowering!


  6. A good post I must say…well I really liked few things in this post first is your view point on what we choose to experience..well its true we come across different situations in life but it’s totally upon us how we look at those situations and make them turn in our favour with our outlook… Second it’s really important to listen to our inner soul…if we take some time to listen to our inner self it can certainly guide us to decide upon things in a better way…As for my experience I will say I have numerous experience where things were really not in my favour but I have always believed that where there is a will there is a way so I have always tried to learn from situations and have tried to prepare myself for the better…On the whole it’s a good post, if somebody tries to understand the depth of it..well concluding it off I will say , though I’m still not the captain of my soul but I certainly loves to listen to my inner self which guides me for what I choose to experience :)))

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    1. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned from my post Priyanka. Thank you even more for stressing the core lessons.
      If I may say so, the fact that you are trying your best to learn something good out of every situation you face is (in a way) a vital step towards taking charge of your life (soul). That’s where life-changing decisions emanate – learning from life’s lessons. Hold on tight to the principle “if there’s a will, there’s a way” because that will lead you far through life 🙂
      We can take charge of our respective souls, we just need to be truly mindful about how we perceive life and how we act in response to it.
      Lovely to hear your thoughts. See you around 🙂

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