#Reverse Bucket List


Note: Pun intended. For a rather lazy Tuesday 😉

This is a follow through of my recent blog about having your own bucket list. Just for the heck of it, I also made my own list however I intend it for my eyes ONLY! For the selfish reason not to spoil the fun or for fear of being laughed at for having a lame and silly list as one a grocer might have before going to the grocery store (lol)!

This is also to remind myself of the dire and desperate need to accomplish my list before my bucket gets “kicked-down” which by the way is still a long way to go. Not that I am now ready to face the final curtain (God forbid) but that I don’t want the  time to come when I will be filled with what if’s and regrets that I have not lived my life to its fullest.

Some on my list could be easily achieved in no time while the others I guess would take me a lifetime. Nevertheless, as they say – nothing is impossible! You just have to fully convince yourself to achieve anything you wish to achieve! Of course backed-up with hundreds of tons of persistence, perseverance and commitment! Alongside the occasional and unintended bruises, broken bones and teeth, sprained muscles, so long and so forth, along the way.

Also for the heck of it, I likewise have my anti-bucket list or the things I DO NOT want to do before my bucket gets “kicked-down” which includes the following:

  1. Jumping off anything higher than a curb is at the top of my list. I have no idea why people want to jump off stuff before they die, unless maybe they want to die right away! But you look at people’s bucket lists and they always include such things as sky-diving, cliff-diving, and bungee-jumping. To me, all those activities represent is a waste of good underpants!
  2. And as long as we’re on the subject of heights, I would also include parasailing, hang-gliding, and rock-climbing. Why do they call it rock-climbing anyway? Looks more like rock-clinging to me!
  3. Another thing you see on bucket lists is a yearning to ride animals. Here is a short list of animals I have no desire to ride before I die: bull, lion, tiger, and ostrich. Might as well toss your neighbor’s angry Labrador, too 🙂
  4. I also have no hankering to run with or from bulls, or swim with great white sharks. Anyone who wants to swim with a great white shark has a self-image problem. They see themselves as a hors d’oeuvre.

Other things included:

  1. Go back to school (when google is not yet around).
  2. Take a polar plunge (with a polar bear also swimming nearby).
  3. Skinny dip in the amazon rivers (you could lose your juicy and succulent flesh in seconds!)
  4. Learn to yodel (as a pastime).
  5. Milk a hippo (just to be sure its milk is pink).
  6. Tease a resting croc or worse stick my head in its open mouth.
  7. Dance with the wolves. Lest, you want it your last dance!
  8. Eat my heart out (figuratively and literally!)
  9. Live in the past.

Life is crazy fun, we cannot make it more funnier! How about you? I’d be happy to know your reverse or anti-bucket list if you have one.

3 thoughts on “#Reverse Bucket List

  1. Ana B. Sajol

    Your List is cool but if ill be given a chance to do any of them, i surely would!
    YOLO could be such a cliche but is there anything more exciting in life than beating your own fears?
    See this could be a reason why some people i know who wont dare to get out of thier comfort zones and safe havens shatters when an extremely emotional event came in.
    I believe strength grows with training wheter it’ll be physical, emotional and even phsycologically.
    If you allow yourself to be threatened by the obvious results, then you let fear beat you even the battle has not started😉


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